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Pegaso Touring Superleggera

Pegaso 01
Pegaso 02
Pegaso 03
Pegaso 04
Pegaso 05
Pegaso 06
Pegaso 07
Pegaso 08

Audi RSX Quattro

This is a personal 5-day project. My question was, what could look like the philosophical descendant of the mythical RS2, at a time when the design is reoriented with the Audi Quattro concept and Crosslane concept?

Audi RSX 01
Audi RSX 02
Audi RSX 03
Audi RSX 04

Mercedes-Benz SSK

This is a personal project that I undertook for pure pleasure and for love of exceptional automobile. What could a SSK look like today? The idea is to make an oversized and neo-retro coupé which would be a flagship of the history and the expertise of a legendary brand, Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes-Benz SSK 01
Mercedes-Benz SSK 02
Mercedes-Benz SSK 03
Mercedes-Benz SSK 04
Mercedes-Benz SSK 05
Mercedes-Benz SSK 06
Mercedes-Benz SSK 07