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Transportation Design Student



I am Jeremy Sachot and I have studied automotive design at the International School of Design - ISD in Valenciennes, France for 5 years.

I have been attracted and passionate about cars since my early age, and I always knew I wanted to make my passion become my profession.

I started drawing cars at the same age when I was taught to count. Becoming a designer is more than an objective, it is a dream that I have always had.

I have had the privilege to study in a school that taught me a part of the profession, which I have also experimented during my first four internships — for instance at Bertone in Torino, Italy.

As a finishing graduate student, I am currently looking for a final internship opportunity in the field of transportation, so as to improve my skills accompanied with people who share the same passion.

Please feel free to have a look at my previous projects (see left) and get in touch with me (below); I hope you will enjoy my work!


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